Thai Chicken Rollups

"A man is better pleased when he has a good dinner, than when his wife talks Greek."

- Dr. Samuel Johnson, from the General Foods Kitchens Cookbook, 1959.




Thai Chicken Roll-ups


Submitted by:

Stacey D-J


  4 main dish or 8-12 appetizer

Preparation time:

15 minutes


2 tablespoons lime juice

2 tablespoons light mayonnaise

1 tablespoon peanut butter (recipe calls for reduced fat)

teaspoon ground ginger

1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper

1 garlic clove, crushed

4 (10-inch) flour tortillas

cup chopped fresh basil

4 large napa cabbage leaves

6 ounces sliced roasted chicken or turkey

1 cup red bell pepper strips


In a bowl, whisk together first 6 ingredients. Spread each tortilla with 1 tablespoon of the mayonnaise mixture. Top each tortilla with 2 tablespoons basil, 1 cabbage leaf, of the chicken or turkey, and cup bell pepper; roll up. Wrap in plastic, chill. Cut in half to serve.


This keeps well in a storage container in the fridge I make a batch on the weekend and its good for several days during the week.

From Cooking Light, nutritional info per main dish serving: 319 cals, 39.8 g cho, 10.3 g fat, 763 mg. sodium.